Friday, September 2, 2011

John and Kel do California, before NZ


First off, Kel wrote a long, thourogh blog entry that I deleted, accidently. My bad.

The flight down here was uneventful… mom was great about getting us to syracuse, and the transfer through NY was fine. When we got to San Fran Ellin picked us up. Miles gave us the cold shoulder for a while, but warmed up. Kelly is of course wonderful with him. He can’t resist her hair.

On the second day we went for a swim and Ellin and Jer had some friends to dinner. We were pretty wiped from the flight so it was nice to take it easy. Nevertheless, we played some drunken pictionary and had some good wine.

The next day we went to Monterey Bay Aquarium. We always try to get an early start, but with Miles around that isn’t really possible. The aquarium was unreal, John liked the Tuna the most, while kel really enjoyed the seahorses. Two had wrapped tails and were “dancing”, apparently. She is such a romantic… We had sushi before hand… HA! The tuna was equally beautiful on my chopsticks.

This morning, Ellin went out for some time with a friend and Kel and I tended Miles. He was pretty ridiculous when Mum left, but we distracted him with some books and swinging, which did the trick. A trip to the park later he was pretty tuckered out, but refused a nap. We fed him lunch, and about halfway through a PB sandwich kel left the room and asked me to watch him. By the time I got into the kitchen he had fallen asleep in the sandwitch. It was very sweet. We cleaned him up and kel and he took a nice nap on the couch This was after we trie to put him to bed in the crib, which was a pparently a pretty  bad idea, if you ask Miles.

Tommorow we head to San Fran to see Ang and Alex. The plan is to play some Frolf (frisbee golf) and sample some beer, so that we know what we are missing up in Canada. It was a lot of fun in San Jose, and we are excited to get on the way to NZ. Free booze and food… woo!

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