Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arrived Safe in Dunedin


After a not so grueling 12 hour flight to Auckland and an easy 2 hr flight to Dunedin we have made it most of the way to our destination. Just a 5 hr wait in the airport and a 2 hr bus ride to Invercargill. The flight to Auckland was fantastic. We had beef lasagna and tasted some NZ wines. We must have slept for most of it because when I woke up the cabin lights were coming on and John said we only had 2.5 hrs left. Shortly after that we had cheese omelets and mimosas for breaky. (One might note that when I write the blog entries there will be much attention paid to food and wine). We were also lucky enough to sit beside a very nice woman. We hope to see her again sometime later in the trip.

The flight from Auckland to Dunedin was pretty great as well (minus the fact that my ears STILL haven’t popped). It was beautiful to look out the window and see the water, a volcano, and mountain ranges! The Dunedin airport is quite nice, although the price of food here was a bit of a shock. We think eggs are very expensive. Anything without eggs seems reasonable…. strange. This is a picture of us outside the Dunedin Airport, waiting for the bus.



  1. Great to hear from you! Awesome photo!!

  2. I miss your laughs... I miss your smiles, but I'm glad to hear that you guys made it safely across the world!!

    Good luck with the surgery on the sheep farm, I also get to go play doctor tomorrow (First day of class!!! Crazy).

    Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm glad to see you guys actually got this blog together :).

    Miss both of you crazy mutha-ucka's